Plastic Well Covers for Stif Back II Grates

Plastic window well covers used with Stif Back II Grates, ensuring that no one steps into your egress window well.


Manufacturer: Monarch
Materials: Plastic
Weight: 5 lbs.
Notes: Not intended to be used separately. Must be used in conjunction with the Grate for Stiff Back II.
Production Time: roughly 3 weeks
Item #: MN-PGC-XXX
Availability: In Stock



These lightweight yet sturdy plastic well covers are used in conjunction with the Stif Back II grates to ensure that no one steps into your window well by accident, while also keeping out rain, snow, leaves and other debris. If you're renovating your basement into a livable space, it's also provides a convenient way to allow in more natural light. As the well's main function is to provide a regulated fire escape, both the grate and cover are light enough to lift easily during an emergency exit.