Window Wells

Window wells are required by current building codes for finished basements to provide a safe means of egress, and they are an important part of turning a basement into a livable space. They turn an otherwise dark and drab basement into a welcoming place to enjoy with your family. There is a wide verity of sizes available for the Egress Window Wells. They start with widths from 42" wide all the way up to 80" wide. The projection, the distance from the foundation out to the furthest point of the well on the inside, start at 36" and go up to 49". 36" projection is the minimum required by code. The heights of the egress window wells range from 36" high to 96" high.

Window Wells:

  • Provide an additional exit in case of a fire or other emergency
  • Are a great source for natural light for basement renovations
  • Improve ventilation and air circulation

  • Basement window wells must comply with very specific requirements in Section R310 of the International Building Code. All of the wells offered here adhere to those requirements. You will have peace of mind knowing that your family can escape from your basement quickly and safely.

    Many of the wells offered are one-piece units and require no assembly. The rest are designed for easy assembly. All resist UV light, water, frost, extreme temperatures and are maintenance free. Any are ideal for both new construction and remodeling projects.

    Beyond their practical function, the wells also add a little style. Both the Bilco ScapeWEL and Monarch Garden View Wells have terraced steps to provide garden planting beds for you to enjoy for years to come. With varying styles in several neutral colors, you'll be able to find a well that suits your home's décor.

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    • Easy Egress Well - Stacked Stone

      Easy Egress Well - Stacked Stone

      Item #: BK-EW-XXX-Stacked Stone
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $603.00–$1,443.00
    • Easy Egress Well - White

      Easy Egress Well - White

      Item #: BK-EW-XXX-WHITE
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $516.00–$1,254.00
    • StoneWall egress window wells made of galvanized steel with the largest well opening on the market for maximum natural light.

      StoneWall Egress Well

      Item #: SP-ECS-XXX
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $412.00–$694.00
    • Modular Basement Window Wells by Wellcraft for finished basements. Modular snap together design allows for easy assembly, installation.

      Modular Egress Well 5600

      Item #: WC-56100092-GREY
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $270.00
    • Window well liners that mimic the look and texture of real rock. Built-in steps provide an emergency exit.

      Stonewell Egress Well - Sandstone

      Item #: MF-WW-44440-SAND
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,495.00
    • Stonewell Egress Well - Granite

      Stonewell Egress Well - Granite

      Item #: MF-WW-44430-Granite
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,495.00
    • Rockwell window wells for safe basement egress, made of fiberglass composite with the look and feel of real stone.

      Elite Egress Well - Tan

      Item #: RW-WET-XXX-TAN
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,180.00–$2,280.00
    • Elite Egress Well - Gray

      Elite Egress Well - Gray

      Item #: RW-WEG-XXX-GRAY
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,180.00–$2,280.00
    • DuraWell Egress Well - Sandstone

      DuraWell Egress Well - Sandstone

      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $500.00–$700.00
    • DuraWell Egress Well - Slate

      DuraWell Egress Well - Slate

      Item #: MF-DWW-XXX-SLATE
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $500.00–$700.00
    • Basement escape windows are required for lower level living spaces by the 2009 IRC. Durable one-piece unit.

      2060 Egress Well - Sandstone

      Item #: WC-20600191-SANDSTONE
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,580.00
    • 2060 Egress Well - Granite

      2060 Egress Well - Granite

      Item #: WC-2060190-GRANITE
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,560.00
    • Basement renovation ideas realized with the Wellcraft 2062 Egress well. One-piece construction with UV inhibitors.

      2062 Egress Well - Sandstone

      Item #: WC-20620191-SANDSTONE
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,390.00
    • 2062 Egress Well - Granite

      2062 Egress Well - Granite

      Item #: WC-20620190-GRANITE GRAY
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,370.00
    • Quarry View Egress Well - Sandstone

      Quarry View Egress Well - Sandstone

      Item #: MN-QV-XXX-SAND
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,400.00–$1,760.00
    • Quarry View Egress Well - Granite

      Quarry View Egress Well - Granite

      Item #: MN-QV-XXX-GRANITE
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,760.00
    • Stif Back II Egress Well - White

      Stif Back II Egress Well - White

      Item #: MN-SB-XXX-WHITE
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $630.00–$1,695.00
    • Galvanized window well with a rugged one-piece steel construction to withstand the pressures of heavy soil.

      Stif Back II Egress Well - Galvanized

      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $630.00–$1,594.00
    • Stif Back II Egress Well - Stone View

      Stif Back II Egress Well - Stone View

      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $710.00–$1,830.00
    • Egress requirements easily met with the Rhino Well in Granite. Made of rotational-molded, high-density polyethylene.

      Rhino Egress Well - Granite

      Item #: MF-WW-XXX-GRANITE
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $700.00
    • Bilco window wells made of high-density polyethylene with a structural foam core for extra strength and rigidity.

      ScapeWEL Egress Well

      Item #: BC-SW-XXX
      Availability: In Stock
      Price: $1,435.00–$2,110.00