PVC V300 Low-E Glass Slider Window

Monarch Low E glass window, argon filled


Manufacturer: Monarch
Width: 48 5/16" or 60"
Height: 46 1/2"
Wall Thickness: 7 1/2", 8", 9 1/2", or 10"
Materials: PVC
Weight: 122 lbs.
Code Compliant: Yes
Notes: Low-E & Argon Filled Glass. Includes a white aluminum half screen. Pour in place for new construction or foam in place for retro-fit. Suitable for servicing an area up to roughly 150 square feet. Multiple windows can be used in the same room to increase the serviceable area to meet, or exceed, the size of the room.
Production Time: roughly 3 weeks
Item #: MN-LowE-EW-XXX
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This Low-E glass window by Monarch is the perfect fit when you need an attractive, easy-to-slide escape window for your basement. Its 3/4-inch insulated Low-E glass is standard - U-value of 0.28 and Argon filled. For easy cleaning the fiberglass half-screen can be removed from the inside. The window's sturdy PVC frame is maintenance free for even more convenience. Frame Dimensions: 48 inches wide x 46 inches high, or 60 inches wide x 46 inches high (both size options are code compliant).