Thermal Hinged Cover for Quarry View Wells

Thermal Hinged Cover for Quarry View Wells


Manufacturer: Monarch
Width: 54" or 65"
Projection: 36" or 38"
Materials: Polycarbonate
Weight: 21 lbs.
Code Compliant: Yes
Notes: Supports up to 44 pounds per square foot.
Production Time: Jan 2019
Item #: MN-QVC-XXX
Availability: In Stock



The thermal cover for Quarry View wells features a fluted polycarbonate design to improve thermal performance and save energy while still allowing ventilation thanks to its hinged mechanism. The cover can be opened one handed for fast and easy escape in the event of emergency. The cover also prevents leaves and debris from getting into your well as well as passerby from stepping into the gap (it supports 44 lbs. per square foot). Its sloped design allows rain, snow and ice to run off easily.