Easy Egress Kit with In-Swing Window – Stacked Stone

Easy Egress In-Swing Window Kit - Stacked Stone


Well Size: 52" W x 36" P x 46", 60" or 72" H
Window Size: 27" W x 45" H
Materials: Galvanized Steel
Weight: 194 lbs.
Code Compliant: Yes
Notes: For orders West of the Mississippi, the Egress Window ships separately from the rest of the order. Net clear window opening size for egress is: 20 1/8" wide x 40 7/8" high (5.71 square feet when sash opened in normal inward position).
Production Time: Backordered until further notice
Availability: In Stock
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This kit featuring a Boman Kemp window well is an all-in-one means of satisfying the IRC 2015 building code for emergency egress. Your finished basement will have a code-compliant, safe means of escape in case of fire or other emergency, while also benefiting from the improved air circulation and natural light the kit provides.

The Easy Egress kit is made up of 4 essential components:

  • Window Well - The 18-gauge steel well by Boman Kemp is finished to mimic the look of real stacked stone, while solidly holding the soil away from your window.

  • Window - The in-swing casement window is made of ¾" insulated low-E glass in a zero-maintenance vinyl frame. The window includes a removable fiberglass screen.

  • Escape Ladder - The galvanized steel ladder attaches to the back of the well and is required for wells deeper than 44 inches.

  • Well Cover and Grate - The well cover and grate work together to keep leaves, dirt, rain and other nuisances from collecting in your well, while also preventing animals and passerby from falling in. The cover's sturdy plastic material is clear to protect the well without blocking outside light.

The kit's window well is available in 3 height options from 46" to 72" and will service an area up to approximately 70 square feet. Multiple windows can be used in the same room to increase the serviceable area to meet, or exceed, the size of the room. When ordering please choose the hinge side based on the orientation of looking from inside the room looking out.

You don't want to take chances with the safety of you and yours. The Easy Egress Kit helps you make sure basement is finished right.